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Featuring some of the hottest artist out of Philly,, Music is only based on real life with real msgs. This is not your average song.

Here’s another track off of my brother, Hiro’s upcoming mixtape series! The family is back on the same track! Weird, crazy, different…nobody in the music game has a track that sounds like this. I beg you to find somebody else. It shows how different my flesh and blood is to me musically but how well we mesh as artists on the same song. We’ve been doing this for years…way before I was a solo artist.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

20140203_121717 Its what I do music is my life. Creativity is the way of the libra mind and im skilled in anything with wheels. However this is what I hav 2 do for now to help my family. The only way to make ends meet is 2 find a job that has potential & can be fun at the same time. Honestly Music need’s 2 save me 4 real tho ……….