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Click on the links below to listen to Yun6 Canon’s music!

Newest Music:

“Ice N Drink”


Finally Made It – Vol. 1 Mixtape


“All Around” ft. Yung Magic

“Just 4 Yu”
“Flavors” – Ft. King Kasheef of Brotherly Love
“All Black” – ft. Mr. Man (formally of Philly’s Most Wanted)
“She the One” – Ft. King Kasheef of Brotherly Love
“Ghost” – Ft. Cashdew and Holliwood, Pennsylvania
“Intro” (District Trap)
“On Dat Side of Town”
“What You Doin, Daddy?” – Ft. Vivian Cordova

“We Readi” ft L.I.B. Rasta

“Can’t Trust” ft. Loudawg and L.I.B. Rasta

Kings of Dreamland (Yun6 Canon’s side project)

“So Find I”
“Dream Out”
“Dreamland Kings”
“Mind Trip”
“Do it to Me”
“Hellish Night”
“Shine On”

Features on other artists’ projects

“Fear Allah” – Hero the Valiant ft. Yun6 Canon and Seff Al-Afriqi
“On” (Ft. B Dot Holla and Mek 46th St)
“Come Up Missing” – Bentley Bucks ft. Yun6 Canon (BRAND NEW MUSIC)
“Rules and Levels” – Neek Buck ft. Yun6 Canon
F.Y.N. – Hiro the Valiant ft. Yun6 Canon – NEWEST MUSIC!
“Too Many Villains and Not Enough Heroes” ft. Holliwood, Pennsyvlania and Yun6 Canon – NEWEST MUSIC!

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  1. London April 2, 2014 7:59 am  Reply

    Very talented rapper ! Stay focused, never give up what you have a passion for. Great music

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