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Blood Lil bro doing his thing south west Philly, we here that’s all I can say Hero The Valiant has his video shoot this Thursday. I myself will be in the studio tonight latest tomorrow night the city working … I’m glad, I see other cities unite and work together. Philly never really been on that type time, but now is the future and the sun is shining! Let’s get it #600

Here’s another track off of my brother, Hiro’s upcoming mixtape series! The family is back on the same track! Weird, crazy, different…nobody in the music game has a track that sounds like this. I beg you to find somebody else. It shows how different my flesh and blood is to me musically but how well we mesh as artists on the same song. We’ve been doing this for years…way before I was a solo artist.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

rrbeatzkeyboard2The official video for “Ghost” (The Romey Rome Beatz tribute song) by Yun6 Canon, Ca$hdew, and Holliwood, Pennsylvania just got completed. There are some live scenes mixed in with videos from the past. This song is really personal for all of us. It combines anger, sadness, and reminiscing over the memories we shared with Romey Rome Beatz.  RIP to my main producer, my District soldier, a big part of my FAMILY!  There are excerpts from Matt Bible’s poem, “NEVER FORGOTTEN” at the end of the video as well.