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Big Shout Outs 2 the Hardest Female Philly Artists.

People think it s crazy when you tell them that you do music and let it brush by. Then you have a few individuals who wont stop until they accomplish what the heart set out for . A Lifestyle is what I call it, I have personally worked with a few of these Artist and all I could say is they’ re sick with their rhymes. Philly, show some damn love. (215) Follow these Artists …… B-Dot Holla, who I worked with personally for the song “ON” along with Mek 46TH Street shorti be snappin but always happy LOL. Also follow Trinity A.K.A Ms Caddi, Tiani Victoria, Mek 46St, Is Is Tha Saviour, Philly Phoxx, and Asia Sparks. You know the boy from the city, I show love not to my friends, only TALENT hits my website. Oh cant forget real life Rappers, please live what you talk about.

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